Monday, 17 January 2011

In other news...

CAMPUS brings you a number of diverse and entertaining bits and pieces of international and occasionally local news, for your very own morning feasting!

  • Rafael –the biceps– Nadal, sets eyes on the Australian open due to start on Jan 17th. If the left armed fiend manages to win, he shall be the first male to win all the four major titles in a row since 1969 when Rod Laver claimed victory in all four titles. Having recovered from a career-threatening knee injury, Nadal comes back with a vengeance. His English is crap though, just saying.
  • Lebanon delays talks on new government: well, if you haven’t heard, the bird is the word. No, really, Saad Hariri (Prime Minister) was on a trip to the U.S. to discuss politics (no, really?!) with Obama, when people from Hezbullah thought: “you know what, let’s withdraw from the cabinet of ministers and bring the government’s roof d-hooooown”. So, now they’re having talks to form a government, again. Check this out to know more about why Hezbullah decided to bring the roof down.   
  • BIG NEWS, Tamer has made a wonderful and inspiring, not, song about the Tunisian popular movement. He even gives a semi-speech at the end. What. The. Hell.      
  • At the Golden Globes, the show “Glee” and “The Social Network” (best motion picture of the year) almost owned all the…Globes? Yes, the Globes. However, Natalie Portman won the award for best actress in a leading role for Black Swan. Actresses were hot too.
  • Remember the douche that killed seven people in Naga’a Hammadi back in January 2010? Well he got a death sentence, and it serves him right. Why did the decision take so long? Well maybe, cause the victims were of diverse religious affiliations. Shalal. People killed, killer dies right away, why does religion have to be part of the equation?
Cheers mates!

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